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Cover of Lavi The Lion Finds His Pride, story by Linda Dickerson, illustrations by Jennifer Rempel. Illustrated childrens picture book, blind children, Pittsburgh, local topic
Title: Lavi The Lion Finds His Pride.

Story by: Linda Dickerson.
Illustrator: Jennifer Rempel

List Price: $15.95,
ISBN 0-9744715-2-6
Join Lavi as he travels the world in search of adventure and a pride of his own.
32-page color illustrated children's book. Ages 3-8.

An engaging tale of Lavi, an enterprising young lion, whose madcap adventures from Africa to Pittsburgh should entertain young readers, especially Pittsburghers. Lavi is looking for a family (a pride) and eventually finds it with the “cubs” at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children. The connection between pride as lion family and pride of place as in ‘Pittsburgh pride’ is a clever idea. The illustrations are truly delightful, lively, in soft bright colors, and Lavi is a most personable and cuddly beast. The Pittsburgh scenes are winning.”

Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard,
Author of children's books, including:
Virgie Goes to School With Us Boys,
AND Aunt Flossie's Hats and Crab Cakes Later

“Linda Dickerson’s enchanting tale of a lion’s search for home is delightfully complimented by the humorous artwork of Jennifer Rempel. As a world traveler who loves this city above all others, I must agree that Lavi the Lion made the right choice when he found his pride in Pittsburgh.”

Dave Crawley,
Author of poems for children, including his book Cat Poems,
and host of KDKA television series KD Country

“All children will enjoy Lavi the Lion, including blind kids who will delight in the story’s word play and puns.”

Sally Alexander,
Author of several books for children, including: Do You Remember
The Color Blue?: and other questions kids ask about blindness.

"Two thumbs up."
Olivia McHugh,
Age 7
Sample page images fom Lavi The Lion Finds His Pride, story by Linda Dickerson, illustrations by Jennifer Rempel. Illustrated childrens picture book, blind children, Pittsburgh, local topic
ISBN 0-9744715-2-6, ©2005, 10x8 in., color, 32 pages, hardcover.
Subject categories include Illustrated children's books, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, fiction.


Lavi’s story will appeal to all young children. Throughout his adventures, he experiences the things that all children can relate to: the desire for adventure and exploration; the longing for home and friends and family; the need to belong. While this book isn't about disability, it includes children with disabilities in a very natural way. The illustrations are charming, reinforcing the idea of a very lovable lion. Lavi’s adventures take him from his birthplace on the African savanna to Katmandu, Rome, Austin, and finally, Pittsburgh. The book provides numerous learning opportunities about a number of subjects (e.g., geography, cultures, history, social interactions, etc.), all in the form of a fun story. There are facts about real lions included at the end of the book.

About the Author and Illustrator

The Author: Linda Dickerson is a writer, columnist, magazine publisher and the principal of a management consulting practice for nonprofits. She is an active leader in the community working with many organizations that strive to improve the lives of children. Her favorite place to go is the zoo.

The Illustrator: Jennifer Rempel is a fine artist who creates murals, portraits, and decorative painting ( This is her first book of illustrations. Lavi is her favorite lion.

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