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Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your titles?
  • Try your Local Bookseller. Our titles also are available through Barnes & Noble and if book shops don't carry our titles, our available titles are listed on Amazon.
  • See the Where To Buy page for more information on where and how to buy.
  • Note: our Online Store also includes titles from of our sister imprint, The Local History Company.
What is your Privacy Policy?
  • We will not sell or trade your personal information.
Will you publish my book?
How do I get permission to use or reproduce a portion of one of the titles your publish or the content on this web site?
  • All of our titles as well as the content of this web site are copyrighted.
  • Please Contact Us for permissions or rights sales.
What if I have a question not listed here?
  • If you have a question or problem please Contact Us. We really enjoy hearing from our customers.

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