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Cover of Ultimate Pittsburgh Trivia by Dane Topich. Suspense. 1,000 answers to: What makes Pittsburgh so interesting? e.g. City's first mayor? Jazz artists born here? Pittsburgh astronaut,
Title: Ultimate Pittsburgh Trivia.

by: Dane Topich

List Price: $18.95
ISBN 0-9770429-5-2
1,000 answers to:

What makes Pittsburgh so interesting?

Includes over 1,000 questions and answers on Pittsburgh and the surrounding area--some notable, some amazing, some downright weird.


“We may disagree about politics, but not about Ultimate Pittsburgh Trivia--everyone who loves Pittsburgh should have a copy!”

Jim Roddey, Republican and Joe Mistick, Democrat,
Roddey versus Mistick, OnQ, WQED-TV

“I finally understand why Dane was obsessively asking odd questions and writing notes all those years! It's a treasure chest of fun facts.”

Patrice King Brown,
KDKA Television

ISBN 0-9770429-5-2 (ISBN-13 978-0-9770429-5-1), 6x9 in. 266 pages, trade paperback. 20 per carton. Subject categories include reference, trivia, trivia, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Western Pennsylvania, nonfiction.


This book will appeal to Pittsburghers far and near, trivia junkies, researchers/fact-checkers, and any Pittsburgh looking for bragging ammunition, anat. And this book is certainly for you if you are looking for answers to such questions as:

Who. . . ?
- Pitched a no-hitter while on LSD?
- Was Pittsburgh's first mayor?
- Was Pittsburgh's astronaut-politician?
- Said: I can't wait until tomorrow... 'cause I get better looking everyday?

Which. . . ?
- Pittsburgh native wrote Oh, Susanna and My Old Kentucky Home?
- Area municipalities have the highest per capita income?
- Pittsburgher is considered the father of C.P.R.?

Where. . . ?
- Is the area's busiest intersection?
- Can you find a famous sandwich?

What. . . ?
- Are Pittsburgh's map coordinates?
- Are the weirdest questions asked of the Carnegie Library?
- Does the Mortality Club of Allegheny County do for fun?

When. . . ?
- Was the world's first commercial radio broadcast?
- Was the last time a Steeler running back won the NFL rushing title?

How many. . . ?
- Residents speak Navajo?
- Beatles' appearances in Pittsburgh?
- Bridges, traffic tickets, hospital beds, inches of rain per year?


1: Celebrities from the Start
2: Arts, Culture, Education and Entertainment
-- Music
-- Art and Architecture
-- Museums
-- Theater and Theaters
-- Movies
-- The Written Word
-- Libraries
-- Colleges and Universities
-- Flora and Fauna and the Great Outdoors
-- Money, Money, Money
-- The Miscellaneous and the Merely Strange
3: Places of Interest
4: Media and Advertising
-- People and Personalities
-- On Air, Part I
-- On Air, Part II: The Voices of Sports
-- In Print
-- Slogans for Sale
5: People from the Past
6: Lay of the Land
7: Getting from Here to There
8: Food (and Drink) for Thought
9: Pucks, Balls, Bats, Jocks, Ponies and All That Other Stuff
-- The Stadiums (or Stadia for you Purists)
-- Baseball
-- Basketball
-- Football: High School
-- Football: College
-- Football: Pro
-- Golf
-- Hockey
-- Bait'n Bullets
-- And all that other stuff. . .
10: Government and Politics
11: Who We Are and How We Live
12: Business in the 'Burgh
13: Beyond the 'Burgh
The Author


How many people in Allegheny County speak Navajo?

Which Pittsburgh Pirate pitched a no-hitter while on LSD?
Dock Ellis. He beat San Diego in 1970. The Pirates won 2-0, but Dock walked 8 batters. He recounted his trip in a 1993 interview in San Francisco.

What does the Mortality Club of Allegheny County do for fun?
Its members try to anticipate when the next famous person will go to his or her final reward. The club has plenty of actuaries and insurance people as members, so there is a degree of professionalism in this ghoulish past-time.

When was the last time a Steeler running back won the NFL rushing title?

How much money is in the City of Pittsburgh's budget to remove graffiti?
About $250,000.

When did Pittsburgh incorporate as a city and who was the city's first mayor?
Ebenezer Denny was elected as the first mayor in 1816.

Which internationally acclaimed jazz pianist, born in Duquesne, PA in 1905, created a revolutionary right-handed technique for improvising melodies on the piano?
Earl 'Fatha' Hines.

If a house straddles the dividing line between two different municipalities, which municipality gets to collect the real estate taxes on the house?
The municipality in which the house's master bedroom is located collects the real estate taxes.

About the Author

Dane Topich was born, raised and still lives on Pittsburgh's South Side. He worked at KDKA-TV and Radio for over 17 years as editorial director and public affairs manager; before that, he worked on numerous political campaigns. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in political science, he can still be seen hanging out on Carson Street.

Dane Topich, author of Ultimate Pittsburgh Trivia. 1,000 answers to: What makes Pittsburgh so interesting?

Photo credits

Photo of the author beside the oldest tree in Allegheny County by Jack Moore. Cover photo of Pittsburgh at dusk by Tim Fabian, ProPhoto, Inc.

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